We will consider items made during or before the 1970s.
We will consider items made during or before the 1970s.

Do you have clothing, jewelry, or accessories that you would like Vintage Tex to consider? Please have a look over these instructions, and give us a shout!


Items we will consider:

We are happy to consider any items (except for suiting) that were made during or before the 1970s. We are unable to accept items made during the 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s. Your things don’t need to be in perfect condition, but we are unable to accept items with moth bites. We will consider very old items that require minor repair (including small stains, holes, or broken zippers). We also try to acquire things that will be weather appropriate for at least a few months.

We especially love: 1950s dresses, 1970s bohemian (“hippie”) style clothes, loud prints from the 1960s, and pretty much anything made during or before the 1940s.


To Sell or Consign:

We prefer to purchase items outright, but we will consider consigning items that would retail for more than $75.

We will consider consignment for these types of items: vintage designer brands (especially purses), 1950s ball gowns (especially with crinoline), shoes from the 1940s or earlier, any clothing items from the 1930s or earlier, and other very special or unusual items

When we purchase items, the price we pay depends upon rarity and demand. For items that are readily available from other sources such as thrift stores or estate sales, we will pay comparable prices. For items that are more rare, and in high demand, such as 1950s dresses, we are able to pay several times the price of an estate sale or thrift store. In any case, please understand that we need to make money on the items we buy, and that our retail price will be higher than the price we can pay for items.


Item Drop-Off

Please give us a call before brining your items: (817) 946-6455. We typically accept items during our normal business hours, but on rare occasions, such as during festivals or when our owner is out of town, we may not be accepting new items. If you drop off your items we will go through them and get back to you in a few days with an offer to either purchase or consign. If you would like to meet with the manager to talk about your items in person, please contact us for an appointment.