photo-60Have you ever gotten all dressed up for a Halloween party, only to realize someone is wearing the EXACT same hotdog costume as you? Complete buzzkill, right? All the more reason to stop by and visit your local Vintage Tex gals! What you’re buying at Vintage Tex is not only a piece of art, but you’re getting true-to-decade fashion too. (The 70’s were not entirely littered with bright colored flower power pants).

Not to mention the cost of an average, oh let’s say, a Mad Hatter costume can run you upwards of $110.00! No joke! How many times do you really think you’ll wear it again? A pretty 40’s dress for $40 is a little more reasonable, plus you can wear that puppy all day, everyday! Many of our pieces can be dressed up for costume usage and also dressed down for regular wear. Plus if a dress from the 1940’s has lasted this long and is still in mint condition, you know you’re getting great quality.

There’s also the freedom to express your own personal, fabulous style. You can make a creepy Minnie Mouse, or invent a friendly version of Freddy Krueger complete with a fluffy striped sweater and stylish fedora. Just…make sure to leave the knife glove at home. So the next time you don’t want to look like you just walked off of a grill at a 4th of July barbeque, come on in and let us help you look stellar. Or spooky. Or killer. Or what have you.

Check out a few of the fantastic vintage costumes that we have to offer!


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