If you’re in school you’ve either already started back again or you’re about to, so today I’m bringing you a little post on back to school wardrobe essentials – just a few things I would consider staples in any student’s closet!

First on the list is jeans – a necessary basic for everyone and an easy foundation to build an outfit on. With 1970s style clothing still trending for Fall 2016, bell bottom jeans are a great choice! Pair them with your favorite top and give your ensemble an effortlessly cool 70s vibe.

  • 1970s true blue bell bottoms, XS, $28
  • 1970s light wash bell bottoms, XXS, $43

Next up is a cool cardigan for those cold classrooms! You could always go for a basic neutral…but where’s the fun in that? If you ended up with the desk right under the vent, don’t let that cold A/C distract you from learning! Stay warm and show off your personality with one of these little cuties – a classic 1950s baby pink beaded sweater, a cozy 1960s hand knit cornflower blue sweater, or a bright and preppy 1970s kelly green Lacoste sweater.

  • 1950s pink beaded sweater, XS, $58
  • 1960s hand knit blue sweater, S/M, $25
  • 1970s green Haymaker/Lacoste sweater, S, $25

Bummed about Summer coming to an end? Still have Summer dresses you’re just not quite ready to move to the back of your closet yet? Don’t worry, there’s an easy solution – throw a denim jacket on it! Take a nice, summery dress like this one, trade your sandals for a pair of boots, and layer that denim jacket right on top to take it from walking on the beach to stepping on those crunchy, freshly fallen leaves.

  • 1970s coral halter dress, XS/S, $38
  • 1970s denim jacket with quilted lining, M, $35



Last but most definitely not least is a comfy pair of flat shoes! For all the walking you’ll be doing, whether it’s down high school hallways or across a college campus, you’re gonna need some shoes that’ll last you through the year and won’t hurt your feet. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, though – these cute little leather flats prove it!

  • 1970s brown leather flats, 6, $23
  • 1970s tan leather tassel loafers, 6, $23

Well everybody, that sums up my list of what I’d consider my wardrobe must-haves for going back to school! Good luck to all of you hittin’ the books and have a great year! Between projects and assignments and studying for all those important tests, take some time for yourself to stop by the store and shop with us!