Less than two weeks until Halloween – have you got your costume yet? If not, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up a list of great costume ideas for all of your trick-or-treating or Halloween party needs!

Our first costume worn by the beautiful Alicja is none other than Frida Kahlo (complete with her unibrow) – we threw a 1970s cream lace fringe shawl ($23) over a 1970s cream colored top with rosettes (M/L, $25), paired it with a 1970s crazy patchwork ruffle hem maxi skirt (XS, $23), and added some simple accessories to complete the look. The quintessential Frida flower crown our model is wearing only cost about $5 to make! All you need is some floral garland from the craft store and you can fit the crown to your head, pin it in place, and you’re ready to go! To add even more to your Kahlo costume, you can tote around an artists’ palette and paintbrush so you’re ready to paint an iconic self portrait at a moment’s notice.



Up next we’ve got another historical costume, this time modeled by the lovely Hannah – can you guess who she is? It’s Betsy Ross, the woman who created the first American flag after being asked by George Washington in 1776. Of course this dress isn’t actually 240 years old, but this is a great example of “cyclical” style. Trends in fashion come and go, and then come back around again, meaning that clothing from one decade may have similarities to clothing from another decade. This 1960s cream micro floral maxi dress with bell sleeves and lace detailing (M, $53) paired with a 1970s reproduction yellow floral Pioneer bonnet ($35) give a much older look given the context of the original flag (which we found for about $5 on Amazon!) and a large needle and spool of yarn (which can be found at any craft store!)



Our third look is for all you literary ladies out there – Lyric looks great as Jane Austen! Creating this costume was simple, using a a 1960s green and ivory formal dress (XS, $53), a 1970s gold circle locket ($16), and a pair of 1960s wrist-length gloves with embroidered diamond detailing ($12) for a sweet and feminine ensemble. Our oversized copy of “Pride & Prejudice” was super easy to make by covering a textbook in brown paper and printing out the title to attach to the front, and our “quill” is simply a feather from the craft store attached to a pen!



Next, we’ve put together a wind-up doll costume! Hannah is wearing a 1960s Edwardian-look mini dress (S, $45) in the perfect shade of dolly-pink, and we’ve made her wind-up mechanism out of cardboard, tin foil, and duct tape! Simply safety pin it to the back of the dolly dress of your choice, and you’ve got an instant costume! Dress it up even more with a sweet little sparkly cupcake wand like this one we found in the holiday section of the craft store, put on some white knee-high stockings, and don’t forget your rosy doll cheeks! For all my creepy girls out there, you could totally turn this sweet doll into a scary one with a simple change of makeup! Instead of rosy doll cheeks, opt for a “broken doll” look instead and creep out all your neighbors and friends!



Throwing it back to the start of the film industry, we’ve turned Alicja into a silent film star! She looks stunning in this 1950s black beaded formal floor-length gown (XS, $68) accessorized with a pair of black 1960s gloves with scalloped edges and button detailing ($16) and a black headband with a 1950s art deco rhinestone coat clip attached ($18). What really transforms her is the ornate white frame with “gasp!” printed on the inside, in the style of a classic silent film.



For this next look, we referenced a little show you might’ve heard of – Downton Abbey! Lyric put on a 1970s Edwardian-look purple and white pleated dress (XS, $48), a pair of 1960s gloves ($12), a 1960s white lace church  hat ($23), and she looks straight out of the early 1900s! This is another great example of fashion being cyclical – many 60s pieces have nods to 20s style! We added a 1960s white beaded purse ($23), a 1950s single strand faux pearl necklace ($16), and a long 1980s faux pearl necklace ($18) to maximize the look!



Last but not least, we’ve dressed up Alicja as a fortune teller and she looks fabulous! This 1960s velvet and abstract floral print jumpsuit with gold detailing (XS, $55) – that’s right, I said jumpsuit! – gives off some serious fortune teller vibes. She layered on a 1980s 5-strand metallic necklace ($23), a 1970s chunky chain necklace ($25), wrapped her hair in a 1970s silky printed scarf ($12), and we completed the look with a crystal ball found at a craft store for all of her mystical, fortune-telling needs!



Thank you so much to Alicja, Hannah, and Lyric for modeling these costumes for us, and a special thank you to The Dragonfly Agency for connecting us with them! We hope you enjoyed these costume ideas and found a little inspiration for your own Halloween costume!