This 90s trend is back in a big way – slips as outerwear! From the runway to the red carpet to your everyday stylish ladies, slip dresses are the must-have of the season. Now, you could pay $50 for one of these dresses in a fast fashion store or even more from higher end or designer brands.


Left to right: Forever 21, $55; Zara, $99.90; Rihanna in Jean Paul Gaultier, $2,000…YIKES! Don’t worry, there is another way to rock this trend without emptying your bank account: we’ve got a great selection of slips in different styles and colors, each one of them is unique, and they’re all under $20!

There are so many ways you can style slips – they’re cute on their own or layered with other pieces! Throw one over your favorite t-shirt or blouse, put a chunky knit sweater on top and let some lace peek out the bottom, toughen it up with a pair of boots or keep it sweet with some delicate ballet flats, play with accessories like a pair of tights or fun layered necklaces, you can create tons of different looks by adding this one simple piece to your closet!

…And these are just a few of the slips we have available styled a few different ways! Fashion should be fun, and layering is one of the easiest ways to have fun with your style. Pair a cool t-shirt with a red hot lacy slip for an edgy combination, try some pastel colors for a more demure vibe, get funky with a patterned knit underneath a simple slip, it’s all about experimenting!

Vintage pieces aren’t all necessarily the costume-y stereotypes of their respective decades – trends are cyclical so there are a lot of nods to vintage fashion in current trends, whether they’re obvious throwbacks like the 70s trend over the past year or two (fringe vests, bell-bottoms, platform heels, etc.) or they’re more subtle like a sweet little 1960s-esque slip.


  • reproduction Rolling Stones tongue logo t-shirt, M, $23
  • 1960s red lace slip, $18


  • light blue Vintage Tex t-shirt, S, $15
  • 1960s pink slip, $18
  • 1960s tiny pearls, $12


  • 1980s Grand Tetons t-shirt, M, $23
  • 1960s coral slip, $18
  • 1980s triple strand gold chain necklace, $16


  • 1970s rainbow chevron knit top, XS, $23
  • 1960s light blue slip, $18
  • 1960s sheer green scarf, $11


  • 2000s Science Teacher Association t-shirt, XS, $18
  • 1960s black slip, $18
  • 1960s black cut glass beaded necklace, $14