Hey y’all, I’m comin’ at ya with the first blog post of 2017! One of my favorite topics to cover is how to incorporate vintage pieces into your everyday wardrobe, so today I’m going to be talking about another trend in modern fashion that has vintage roots – the button-front skirt! This is a piece that can be found in just about any fast fashion store and for a good reason – they’re adorable! They’re also straight out of the 1970s so they add a cool, easy vibe to any outfit. They have just enough detail to be interesting without distracting from whatever top you decide to pair them with, though my one styling tip would be to avoid pairing them with button-up tops – go for a t-shirt or sweater instead to avoid a button overload!

The first outfit I’ve put together is for those of you who might like to get a little quirkier with your ensembles. Of course this post is focused on button-front skirts and this olive green corduroy variation is super cool, but it’s made even cooler by this amazing cropped tapestry poncho complete with fun fringe detailing. The tone of the skirt, even though it’s green, functions as a neutral and can be paired with just about anything (similar to the way blue denim goes with just about anything)! The addition of the poncho on top takes the “smartness” of the skirt and puts a bohemian twist on it for a cute and comfy overall feel.

Next up is probably the easiest way to wear this trend – with a sweater tucked in, a simple necklace, and a pair of comfortable flats. This looks like something casual that would’ve been worn to school in the ’70s, and it can totally be worn the same way today. Trends really are cyclical – if I hadn’t told you this outfit was made up entirely of vintage pieces, you might not have even known it! That’s how easy some vintage pieces are to work into your existing wardrobe!

Last, but definitely not least, is probably my favorite of the three outfits I’ve styled – I just love how well the pieces work together! This skirt in particular is definitely my favorite of the three simply because of those awesome pockets, but add the soft, worn in Grand Tetons t-shirt, the rosy suede fringe vest, and those incredible cowboy boots, and I would stop the person wearing this outfit on the street to tell them how cool they looked. I’d also be totally jealous that I couldn’t recreate it because all of the pieces are totally unique!

There ya go! Three different button-front skirts to fit anyone’s style! Before you go out and buy a trendy piece like this one from a chain store, think about shopping vintage first – we’ve got those trends but I like to think of ours as less “trendy” and more “timeless.” Let us help you pick out some pieces that you’ll love wearing now AND for seasons to come!


  • 1970s linen top with high neck frilled collar, XS, $23
  • 1970s cropped tapestry poncho with fringe, free size, $33
  • 1970s olive green corduroy skirt, M, $18
  • 1960s black patent leather block heels with gold toned double buckles, 6.5, $25


  • 1970s brown and tan sweater, S/M, $23
  • 1970s thick tan corduroy skirt, S, $18
  • 1970s long gold pendant necklace, $14
  • 1970s brown leather flats, 6, $23


  • 1980s Grand Tetons t-shirt, M, $23
  • 1980s rosy suede fringe vest, S, $79
  • 1970s corduroy skirt with pocket detailing, XS, $23
  • 1970s cherry red Durango cowboy boots, 6, $48