This is not a joke; this is not a drill. We are celebrating our matrimonial union with a luchador-themed wedding reception on March 24, at 6pm in Bedford, Texas. Feel free to come in nice casual attire, something you'd wear to a nice dinner. A full on three piece suit is not necessary, however, please refrain from wearing cargo pants and flip flops. No one looks good in cargo pants.

Because the space at our venue is very limited, and because we envision an adult evening of drinks, dancing, and fun, we request that children under the age of 12 not attend. We love our younger cousins, and we want to spare them the boredom of this adult event.

Additionally, parking will be limited. We are hosting this event at a friend’s personal residence. To avoid irritating the neighbors, and to save space for less-abled guests, please consider parking at the Bedford Boy’s Ranch nearby and carpooling to the venue.

Attendance is by invitation only.